What can a WebGUI powered website offer me?

WebGUI comes with a large number of features built in that you can deploy in your website to suit your needs. 

These include:

  • Inline editing - No need to use a html editor to build your website - you can do it all online with WebGUI's powerful tools - it's easy!  Just click and drag the things you want on your website and start editing the content straight away!
  • Content Versioning - not only does WebGUI allow you access to previous versions of your website, but you can make your changes to your WebGUI site and see the results straight away.  Until you approve the changes though - your customers won't see the changes at all!
  • Prepackaged Objects - WebGUI comes with a number of  objects ready to deploy all with the click of your mouse button.
  • Articles
  • Data Forms
  • Message Boards
  • FAQs
  • Calendars
  • Photo Gallery
  • SQL Reports
  • You can update it freely - your website wasn't designed to be created once and forever set in stone - it should be dynamic and continually updated so customers are always given the latest information.  WebGUI allows YOU to freely edit and change the content easily - without needing a degree in Computer Science.
Take advantage of the power of WebGUI today and contact us about how we can create your website with WebGUI.